Create an Embedded Conversation

Conversation links can be embedded in other applications that support oEmbed or Create one here.

Enter a name for your conversation, or page, below, and we'll provide you with a URL that you can use to embed FastComments in other applications.

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What can I do with this?

This allows you to take our live, customizable commenting widget and embed it in other applications like Notion or Google Sites. Learn more about this here.

How many conversations can I create?

Currently, accounts are limited to two million conversations, however this can be increased upon request.

Do I need to do this to add FastComments to a website or custom application?

No! This is only for integrating into products that support If you want to add FastComments to WordPress, or a custom site, you don't have to create conversations manually. See our installation docs.

Do embed links belong to my account?

Yes, embed links are tied to your tenant.

Is my embed link private?

In order to function, the links used to create embedded conversations have to be publicly available. However, the URL contains a uniquely generated ID to make it difficult to guess.

Do I have to use this with an application that supports oEmbed?

Not necessarily! You can use this to create a link to simply chat with, and send it to a group.