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FastComments provides the fastest to setup and use commenting system for both businesses and users, and you're on your way to a 30-day free trial.

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FastComments Flex

Flex Pricing
Pay for what you use.
Flex Pricing
Pay for what you use.

For Everyone

Tick Customizable Comment Widget
Tick Direct Developer Support
Tick Migration Support
Tick API Access & Support
Tick SSO Access & Support
Tick White Labeling
Tick Branding Removed
Per Site (first free): $10
Per 100,000 Page Loads: *2 $1
Per 100,000 Comments Stored: $1
Per 1,000 SSO Users: $1
Per 50,000 API Credits: $1
Per 500,000 Small Widget Credits: $1
Per Moderator: $5
Per Admin (first free): $10
* Flex is always billed monthly.

FastComments For Creators

Per Month
Per Year

For Individuals

Tick Customizable Comment Widget
Tick API Access
Tick SSO
Tick Automated Migrations
Sites: 3
Monthly Page Load Limit: 500,000
Monthly Comments Saved: 5,000
Max Live Users: 10,000
Admins: 1
Moderators: 1
SSO Users: 5,000
Monthly API Credits: 5,000
Monthly Small Widgets Credits: 500,000

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