Kent the cynical
Actually a great game, as a man i tried thinking a little opposite from a female vagina, to a male penis? and it sort of worked
just too bad there aren't games like these for men, all submissive games are about for females only?
monster girl island: prologue is free (for real) and for men, which is likely why it's overwhelmingly positive on steam, aah yeah, you can go submissive as a man in that game, and it's greatly done.. probably why redamz or whatnot never releases much more, he gets rich on donations from patreon alone.. as he is sort of on monopoly of good male submission games? if im wrong, please do tell me games where it's good and greatly done for men, to be submissive, and on PC.
and yeah, if you are in need to show off your badass testosterone and say submissive isnt a mans way, you gotta drink beer and spit on women or whatnot.. im not really interested in a discussion with that sort of insecurity.. go ahead and say it though.. i wont answer for sure.
This game is as i said.. really is great.. espeically for women! even men if one can bypass the vagina and such..
If there was a male version of the game I would definitely buy it.
i assume not, but is it safe to update this game?
thanks for the upload!