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Battle System: Attack -> Defense | Attack -> Defense | Attack -> ... as a ring.
Damage = max(0, Attack - Defense) for fighting and haggling.
Merchant: cost ~12000 gold to level up to 10, they can have a cut (say 15%) from both buyer and seller. You buy at 85% the price and sell at say 175%1.15 = 200%, so profit is raised from 75% to 115% (40% gain). You can move 600 gold worth of cargo x (702/3) = 28000 gold worth of cargo, so if you actually hit 30% rate every time merchant is OP.
The final quest:

  • Fighting: Mercenary 9 with good gear
  • Haggling: Merchant level 10 (if you don't have one try going back to the starting area, gotta have a long grind for cash and exp)
  • Give money to a beggar aside the road
  • Fully heal a tag-along guy
  • can't remember but very easy
    Make sure you have >45 slots near the end (hero + mercenary + merchant). Scout is awful (what moar water? just buy more waterskin), Sage has healing and getting rid of debuff (meh, a strong merc always wins), dunno about higher skill.
    The game is... maybe 4/5.
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Big thanks IGG!!! <3
Thanks, it works perfect.