I myself enjoy the Amiga version more that this one, but this is still VERY good.
AWESOME!!! I'm going to test this out!
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Help ....! ! !
Can't get it to work .........?
How can I let the Game to start ...?
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I only got starflight 1 to work so far but here is what i did.
Step 1: Download game.
Step 2: Extract game.
Step 3: Go into the game's folder and run setup_starflight_1_2.
Step 4: Install
Step 5: Go to where you downloaded the starflight 1 and 2 folder.
Step 6: Go into the starflight 1 folder.
Step 7: Go to the STARFLT folder.
Step 8: Copy the contents of the start folder into the play folder. Click yes when it asks to overwrite.
Step 9: On the desktop you should see a Starflight 1 shortcut. Click on it.
Step 10: When it asks you for the picture mode, pick EGA it should be 5.
That's all i did. I will re-post when i can figure out how to work starflight 2.