VIPHelperRob Conner
Thank You for sharing, IGG-Games.com [admin]~!

There's no actual game here folks but rather a seven minute, artistic video demo that simultaneously attempts to treat the fears of those who unfortunately suffer from Aquaphobia (Yes, this is the first time that I've ever heard about this fear as well) while making an artistic statement about the subject of Aquaphobia.

If you don't suffer from this fear but enjoy watching Scene demos like the famous Second Reality Scene demo created thirty years ago in 1993 by the Scene demo group "Future Crew" (See the YouTube video of the original demo here and the HD remastered "Purple Motion" segment from the demo with highly improved graphics here. Note: If you're only going to watch one video then watch the HD remaster) then this should be a delight for your audiovisual senses. It might even blow away your mind like it did to me when I first watched it as a teenager back then! Anyone else remember watching "Second Reality" as a kid? It would be great to play on an UHD TV in the background at a hip, fancy party as a conversation piece! You can download the original "Second Reality" Scene demo here (Note: You'll need to download, install and run DOSBox [Freeware DOS environment emulator. See here] in order to run the demo)!

How to configure DOSBox and play the "Second Reality" demo:

  1. In Windows, double-click on the shortcut for DOSBox.
  2. In the default DOSBox system drive (Z:), type: MOUNT [Drive letter you desire to use] [Fullpath of directory where you saved the demo]
    e.g. - MOUNT C e:\downloads
  3. Switch to the mounted drive. Type the [drive letter]
    e.g. - C:
  4. To execute the demo (Filename is "SECOND.EXE"), type SECOND
  5. After the demo is finished playing, type "EXIT" to end the DOSBox session and return to Windows.