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Oh joy, another dev who fancies him/herself a comedy writer.
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Yeah... This one actually caught my eye, but the way the developer(s) went on and on about really forced references put me off.
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eNVy softworks
Dev here.

We would like to apologize for the subpar quality of our marketing jokes, oh, Greater_Zenith. Maybe if you bought the game we'd have enough money to hire a better writer!

All jokes aside, we hope you enjoy the actual game and if that really is the case we'd appreciate if you buy it! It's not even 3 bucks on Steam!
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I have not actually pirated it for the record - so technically I am not even a 'lost sale' - but instead of stirring up arguments however I am going to share my perspective.

For example, the bit that caught my eye: "This campaign might be short, but you can still form long-lasting relationships (with fictional AI-controlled players that do not exist outside your computer, which sounds weirdly similar to your partner). Side with Elana and cast protection spells together (this is your Sabrina moment) or take Galskap’s side and set the whole world ablaze (this is your Pyro moment)."

Let us leave all complaints aside: Does the game have an AI that keeps track of your playthroughs and react to that? Does 'siding with' a character have consequences beyond a single run? At the very least, there is a hint here of a large, expansive world where player actions might leave some impact. But is that in the game, or am I just seeing that due to not catching some references?

Those concepts/ideas are pretty interesting, but I cannot glean that just by looking at the screenshots, and the text does not make it clear either. It is actually fine to have banter in your game's description - but if it obscures features that can be part of the game's strengths, it can actually push some people away who would otherwise be interested.