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Mahokenshi gameplay - RTX 3070 - i5 13600K
i had this wishlisted but now im kind of not sure about it
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Dr. Vani Zirele
From what I've gathered, it seems like an OK game but it has taken some liberties that veterans of the genre may or may not like.
Things like, not being able to save at all mid-run, limited turn number to complete a map, an RNG system than can destroy you very very early on without you knowing it, etc.
Others, may actually like these changes and consider them innovations.
I guess you should try it and see.

My personal guess is, they're going to work in some patches and change a few things.
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Well, to me it seems like the design is all over the place, making it look more complex than it should be. I mean the color scheme and animation kinda feels like put together for kids, yet looks complicated.

I'm not against the core gameplay mechanic and the changes they made to bring the concept alive. It's just it feels a little flashy and a rookie built.
I guess I won't know until i try, but I will wait for some patches.
It's a very good game, I loved it. Also, there is a kitsune as a playable character 😁.
Gameplay --> https://youtu.be/ZafvZ0b0QmY
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