This is the broken game from what I remember.
Star Wolves 1 was great.
Star Wolves 2 had major game breaking issues that were never fixed. I even think it was impossible to progress past a certain point, but take these words by the salt. It's been years since I abandoned it. Don't know if an update came in the meantime or some kind of community fix.
Star Wolves 3, devs did a lore drop into it so 2 is not necessary to play 3, and it was a damn good game. I'm kind of bummed about 2.
I'll eagerly await for anyone who does try to complete this game, to please share in here if they managed it.
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Long - long time ago I succeeded to finish SW2 yes in 1 point was game breaking bug but how i fix it this is question :) i was reading game forum Russian they have some fix- site that not working anymore.
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Ya that is what I vaguely remember also and quick steam reviews check seem many .
Though 3 started where 1 left off and ignores 2 I think
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This was a great game...
Chuck The Cryptid Hunter
Brings back memories thanks!
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