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John Andrews
Well that was fast lmao
fookin hell mate
gotta admit - never heard of these games. downloaded both - they seem really good - its like i am back in the early 90s on my megadrive - and thats a good thing.
There was new patch been posted on news about supported controller mapping and other stuff fix
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Can you update the game to the latest version? I got to a stage that doesn't work and i'm hoping the latest version fixes it, unless it's a problem with my pc.
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w7 890
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remember libbieoffice? even though i hate furries they did however do a good job on the pixel art picrel someone screencapped this from the game also they made a visual novel about her
[spoiler] god no please have the decency by not spamming the comments with rule34 even though it looks rather tempting [/spoiler]