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Wish I had paid attention to this first. I didn't have a problem with the saves, but after a significant grind only to get "Hey, this isn't finished. Look out for further updates!" I wanted to smash my head on the table. No reason to play until the game's at very least complete.
Played this for some hours and i have to concur with most of the criticism.

The big problem is not even that there are features missing but that the features that are there are buggy.

  • Saves, this is a game breaker as it most of the time does not save, and the only option you have is to quit the game and hope for the best.
  • Quests often won't register completion
  • Customers sometimes leave while there is still time left to complete the order.
  • Building menu is buggy sometimes, can be worked around by trying again but not always
  • I once got 3000gold for no reason and after this i couldnt build/smelt/mine etc.
  • It really gets repetitive over time
  • As someone already mentioned eating is a bit weird, they cook and then place the food on the table and just stand there, needing another action to actually eat.
I think it has the potential to be a nice strategy game but there is a lot of work to be done till it is fun for more than 1-2 hours.
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About the:
"Customers sometimes leave while there is still time left to complete the order."
They do that if you complete an order of an enemy faction.
Ex: you complete an order for the church while there is an witch waiting, the witch will leave and you will lose reputation with that faction,
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After a while, he stops saving the game and the saves lose the furniture. Unplayable at the moment.

Better to wait for a new version.
The micromanagement is really tiresome... I can't imagine when I have 3rd worker. Many options are still in construction. Try Grim Nights 2 while waiting for at least 10th version of EA of this game.
The game is promising but for now it is too repetitive, a bit buggy and kind of barebones. I recommend you follow its development and see how it turns out. Right now I managed to squeeze a few hours of fun out of it but that's all.
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The micromanagement is annoying, like if you're hungry just go eat! It's quite interesting game though. If you want something similar to this with much less micro I recommend 'craft the world'.
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They do stop to eat, in fact if you don't have food they'll keep stopping their work to check the pantry.
But they will cook first and leave the food on the table, and only go back to eat it when their AI gives them another signal to go eat.
And then they will not go back to their old job, they'll just stand in the kitchen.
Oh thats an old one, all the way from 2014! I thought it wasn't being updated anymore but turns out I was wrong. Should probably go back and play it again.
Itsuka Komine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
Some gamebreaking bug, but I can speak its interesting game...
that is if only you dont have to micromanage every single worker when they want to eat...
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I find the pixel art charming. But I agree with everything that's been said about the bugginess and overall lackluster/repetitive gameplay.
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update please
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I see great potential here. This game is really fun, but buggy. Mostly minor bugs(I would say, they can easily be fixed), but the biggest issue here is that the game doesn't save.
Whenever i start the game again, it goes from day 2.
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