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Can you get the update?
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Fun game. Too bad after a while or rather everytime I beat the third mini boss and going for the boss the game started to lag badly. Also there was no way to refuse any upgrade so my HQ blackhole got replaced by HQ minigun lol (this kind of thing happens multiple times which can be annoying).
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Yeah the balance is a bit off too, through some lucky combination i beat the boss on the 6-7th try, having only upgraded like 5-6 times. Now there is not really any motivation left to play and upgrade further.
The game seems fun, however the Mines seems to be Overpowered. After I fully upgraded my Mines, I managed to beat the Third Boss early without beating the First Boss by spamming alot of Mines in my Ship. I just rush to get a Mine so that I can fly pass through any Cargo Boxes for more Parts.

I forgot to mention it can instantly destroy Enemy Bases by just flying pass them, it's very satisfying to watch.
This game reminds me of Shellcore Command, a rather nostalgic Flash game.
Hibiki Ryoga
It's like a barebones version of Starsector, which is nice if you need a starting point to get into that beast.
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ayub khan
pleased upload The Callisto Protocol if u get
Olaf Darkpassenger
Another autoshooter! Nice! After 20 minutes - it's fun. Only the AI of scrap drones could be better.