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update please
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An interesting concept, but the furry thing isn't my cup of tea.

No offense to those that are into that; you do you. It's just not for me.
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To behonest, sounds like you hate aliens.
If you take to fantasy settings, consider beastkin, demihumans, half-(race) like elves.
Just for reference, you're gonna see a big wolf who acts like God Of War if he were evil(no it was a joke but ya get it?) Just some big buff wolf that walks on two legs and speaks like a true authoritarian.
Difference to furry? ain't none of this even partially related to furry 'behind-the-scenes' and the current groups in society. Aside from japanese culture mix ingame like blushing, portrait reactions and drinking behaviour in the classic fantasy.
But tbh if you don't like animals in general I'd see that concerning ;p don't take me seriously.
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"Furry" is attraction to anthromorphed animals. If a game caters to individuals that are into that, it's a "furry" game.

It has nothing to do with hating aliens. First, it's very unlikely that any intelligent alients that may be in the universe are humanoid beastmen. Second, the chance of us meeting those life forms are next to none, given the size of the universe and the fact that the closest planet that may host life is several hundred light years away. Third, there's a huge difference between mutual understanding and civility that we have or will have with other races, and plain sexual attraction, which is what "furry" alludes to.

Really, you're making no sense. If you're a "furry", that's fine, as long as you're not hurting anyone, it's your own business. But equating anyone who isn't to a xenophobe is just plain stupid.
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Offense to those that are into that.
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This is Early Access and the story just stops after the third area and says its early access. So don't bother.
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Really good game. Very engaging. Still early access so some bugs are expected but so far the bugs are minimum.