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Like a hentai version of Monster Rancher? You can even make your own monster girls? Good idea
"Dungeons are designed in a Mystery Dungeon Roguelite style." No they are not... I can't think of a Mystery Dungeon game with similar dungeons*, a better comparison would be Darkest Dungeon since not only the moving around the dungeon map, bringing of consumable items before an adventure and battle system are also quite similar.
Anyway overall the game is basically a Monster Rancher game with monstergirls instead of actual monsters. It's quite nice.

*Mystery Dungeon games tend to be extremely faithful to rogue roguelikes to the point that just based on that comparison I'd have expected specific features like being unable to attack diagonally through corners, rectangular rooms connected by long hallways(and a run button that automatically navigates them), throwable items and a lone strength stat that you can increase or reduce during a run.
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You guys are 4 patches behind, the game is at v1.02 and v1.01 has some run ruining bugs.
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Thanks for updating the game
Thanks for updating the game dude
Goth Rei Ayanami
Looks like if Breeding Season/Cloud Meadow was a dungeon crawler without the noods, rampant urges to "breed", OR the years of developer drama that just might be more entertaining than the game itself~!