Complete collection of Sakura games (in truth, I do not know if there are more)
No website has the collection completes so I found interesting to do this.
They are already all with Path +18, less those that do not exist.
I split them into folders to avoid a MediaFire bug that the files disappear.


Edit: I created a hub for my Mediafire folders, it's easier than using notepad.
This title is rich in story and light comedy. It also has its "culture", but it does not focus only on it and I like that.
Gameplay --> https://youtu.be/Xrory_irPSk
Patch R18 in the video comments.
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Rick Sanchez
Just vote me out.
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Hitoaki, the embezzler
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Bet another low effort yuri from them, with only selling point being they are the yuri.
Art even seems to have minor declined.
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Uh, the description flat out says the MC is a dude; the main screenshot is the two heroines.

I can't say how the actual quality of the game is, but you should at least read the first sentence before you start complaining about yuri VN's. I don't play Yuri VN's either, but I'm not about to bitch about what other people like; The world doesn't revolve around me.
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Sad you just outed yourself as not only ignorant, incapable of more then typical npc comment trying to not out yourself but do so including about VNs and clearly against Yuris which can be 1 the better stories in VN world.

You should give them a try, though not this group unless you go to their earlier days and also stick to the 1st in their series not sequels.

Sakura __ is a beyond well known (you outing yourself) almost always low end and almost always Yuri VN dominated made by Winged Cloud.
Typically it basicaly Sakura suc/gamer/fantasy/... and then that the whole thing being that + yuri nothing more.

Though does explain why it feels the art seems little less, as they focus harder on the Yuris.

You also may want to learn to read before reply - not to mention not make a needless reply any ways- (not that npc secret bigots can do this) as I said, "I bet it is" -> not that it for certain is;
As for all we know it still could be have you read it ?
If you going just off description means nothing, there are all sorts of story ways this could still contain quite a bit of Yuri stuff even if it does have a he in description (I mean hell its a anime/manga thing, not uncommon for various things to happen) --->
Though it is very highly doubtful in this case, least not fully if had to bet would say all 3 love/"love" each other so semi yuri, but again was going off this very well known (though not by fakes like you) group that make them to curve people's expectations.
Though this again likely just outing yourself again and not just because you a npc making pointless + bad typical reply.