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Please help. Does someone knows how to access the DLC packages? I had finished the main story and the DLC maps doesn't appear anywhere?

Is there any way to access them?

Thank you.
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To enable DLCs:

  1. Create folder steam_settings inside game folder.
  2. Create file DLC.txt inside that folder.
  3. Add following text to above file:
    1838750=东方夜雀食堂DLC1扩展包 - 魔法森林&妖怪山
    1927110=东方夜雀食堂DLC2扩展包 - 旧地狱街道&地灵殿
    2122050=东方夜雀食堂DLC2.5扩展包 - 爱乐者的挑战赛!
With that dlc should work with steamclient_loader
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Oops, it doesn't actually work - game doesn't have dlc assets.
So even if game think that dlcs are activated and there are dlc indicators in Main Menu, when you try to load save game will be stuck on 'girls are now preparing' screen with couple of "Unable to open archive file: .../Touhou.Mystias.Izakaya.v2.1.3b/Touhou Mystia Izakaya_Data/StreamingAssets/aa/StandaloneWindows64/dlc1_database_core_assets_all.bundle" errors in logs.
So I guess there is no way to play with dlcs unless someone upload game with all dlc assets.
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how to change the language to Chinese?
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Alt F4 irl
the newest version dont have steamclient loader, again
anyone have it ?
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maybe because of the antivirus. you should disable the antivirus first. i downloaded it today and it does have steamclient loader. you can redownload it too
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Now, in the v2.2.11d, the DLC files have been included and yet it can't be played and resulted the game stuck on the loading screen (as explained by Desann).

Is there any way to truly access and play the DLC?