Ryoga Hibiki
Niel Ivarez
Firstly, I really dig the new trend of games being honest about their content in their titles! πŸ˜‰
OK, that was a joke. This game is very good. In fact, this game is everything I love about good indie games. I finished it in one sitting, in about an hour and half (while being slow and mediocre.)
No padding, pure unadulterated fun and relatively challenging platforming in a Metroidvania setting, with solid controls (you should play it with a controller though IMO) and on top of that actually good boss fights if you can believe it.
In short, I liked it so much I'm not even gonna rate it.
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Will you fuck off, weeb?
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I hope saying that helped you feel better.
You are still loved.
Iale Idioma
you dont have to look far for that