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mato kuroi
3/5 not bad.^^ but it wasnt creepy.....xD (just a little bit)
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Interact with items, computers and audio logs for environmental storytelling
In short no story at all.
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ANY story is more story then a jj abrams movie.
Using games to tell story is harder to do.
Take more craft and effort then the passive one sided narrative of the legacy media.
And even though its easy for somebody to say, "Its just a game".
It actually takes more effort to be interactive,
and is potentially teh superior platform.
For a smarter generation.
I can live without hollywood.
I haven't watched hollywood TV in years.
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When the game's story telling is done trough audio logs. Then why make it into a game in the first place where a novel or a book can do better?
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Keith Hurd
Ever Given ran around in Suez Canal Simulator.
Adventure, Action, Casual, Horror, Shooter... HAND SIMULATOR
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oooh this game
i remember playing the free mod on steam years ago