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I don't know the location of the 'Mod' file.
I'm trying to switch to a language other than English, but I can't.
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google says "you havent access", pls :C (PD: sorry my bad english xd)
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THANK YOU for sharing this amazing game!
i literally had spent hours on playing this games, been years since last time i've been crazy playing any games, pulling an all nighter and etc... was about to drop by to send notification that they had some update released and here i found you guys keeping up with the updates! superb!
Really, my words here can't express how thankful i am!
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Is there any more game like this? i would love to play them
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game crashes
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The game is good and enjoyable, but I have a question about mods. Lot of mods require mod Fatury to work, but Fatury is not working for me at all.

Can someone tell me what I need to do, to make this mod work?