cacarasa meosa
please update to version 0.3! Thanks
Youssef Ben Said
I launched the game but some how it freezes at the loading screen after I press start.. can someone help?
It could be nice, but the optimisation is abysmal.
Getting massive framedrops.
I7 7700HQ + 1060 +16GB is not enough it seems...
I just downloaded this to see if it was as blatant a rip off of the long dark as it looks, and its really fucking blatant. Even the hud icons are lifted directly from TLD. I will admit there could be something to this, it has more realistic wildlife behaviour and some more indepth clothing mechanics that are interesting, but it completely fails in terms of mood and tone. Its just so damn janky and feels like its all made of generic assets. Maybe it'll improve with time since its an early version, but theres no real reason to choose this over TLD unless you've played that to death but are still super desperate for more icy wilderness survival.
jew media
I like it.
Solitude can be soothing.
"Sometimes" I dont need things following me around playing victim and trying to start fights.
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"Seymour, the house is on fire!"
"No mother, it's just the [INSERT GAME TITLE HERE]"
Sorry, I had to. Steamed hams is a classic.
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☕️ Stephanie Bogard 🇮🇹
According to Steam reviews (mostly negative), the game is ambitious : being the new "https://igg-games.com/the-long-dark-pc-144211781-game-torrent-crack-free-download.html".
Most negative reviews complain about lack of content and features, but apparently, it's only v0.1.0, so wait and see!
It could become good, I think.