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Only positive reviews so far, looking forward to play this after release. Meanwhile wishlisting should help them out getting noticed
Vanitas Ledirc
This game remind me of java game with similar premises but i forgot the name of it.
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Skeptical Doge
The game seems to have some potential, but it's buggy and unfinished. Also the UI is either made so it's compatible with mobile and/or console, or is just plain bad.
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Jaime rangel
Moron,the game literally tell you it is a early access game not a finished product, it even ask you if you are sure you want to play this unfinished game.
Replying to Jaime rangel
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Skeptical Doge
Hey Jaime, how about instead of calling me a moron, realizing that Early Access is very very different from game to game ?
Some games go into EA with all of their core mechanics complete but with limited content, others have both content and mechanics settled but lack polish, yet third ones are little more than tech demos presenting themselves as "early access".
I'm just trying to leave a few words for people that want some hint on whether to hit that download button or not. There's no need for this name calling, alright ?
Early access; Plus I'm pretty sure it is made in RPG Maker MV so it is probably designed to be compatible to mobile but I am not sure. Some graphical details are just messy and some maps seem like they didn't care.
It is fine I guess.
Played it for ~2 hrs.
Characters switch too much for my taste, no decisions so far.. 100% linear. No crafting yet.
Feels very very railroaded also from difficulty POV.
Not my taste.
Matymon Tamayo
This has Dino Crysis vibes
The new Biohazard look kinda dope