Johnny D.
Thanks for upload.
The game is very poorly optimized:

  • it starts steam VR for no real reason
  • It will start in windows mode, there is no full screen option in the settings
  • there is no 4K resolution in the settings, only 1080p
  • if you press ALT+Enter it will go full screen and switch to your monitor resolution (4K in my case)
  • it runs at 30-60FPS on 2080Ti in 4K
  • graphics are not bad but poor optimizations ruins the game play
  • i hit a bug in the cemetery, got the axe, but i could not close the axe inspection screen so i saved the game and restarted and now i have the axe in the inventory and i cannot use it (it is on the ground too)
Crispy Tofu
It was fun for the first 6 chapters i guess, until it became a nightmare of collecting items and doing the same thing over and over lol
Sun Wukong
I was looking a video gameplay that have commentary and isn't the demo version. Can't find either. I only found one but I don't quite understand because of the heavy indian accent which cause me to click away. If only someone make a video that have commentary and is english and is funny. (no heavy indian accent)
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for a moment i thought this was based on the movie