Just to clear what may cause some confusion for some.

As a user below pointed out, when you download the game here, it will say it's the "Gold Edition", as opposed to "Collection". However, they are exactly the same game. It's just that Sega (or maybe Creative Assembly) decided to change the name when they decided they would not sell the DLC separately any more.

In fact, if you visit the Steam page for "Medieval: Total War - Collection" today, and then click on the Discussion page, at the top it will still say "Gold Edition" (they never bothered to update every page on Steam, only the front one).

So, rest assured that the game you're getting here on IGG-Games is the full base game + all the DLC.
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links are dead
Bgk Bgk
my os windows 10 it ain't working it played then keep on blinking then it stopped what will i do can you help me
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can't play on Campaign
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Đức Cảnh
can't play on win10
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please re upload ulang, link expired semua
Amano Yuuji
This is not the Collection version from steam, but the Gold Edition from a physical disc.
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admin again here is the same problem mega nz doesent work but i hawe megasync so i really need it please fix it