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Steam just released a new version in English. Would it be possible to update this to the new version?
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Es muy buena la historia. Me alegro mucho ver que lo sacaran en vercion anime y asta hace poco me entere que tenia una pelicula.
i cannot strees this enough for anyone looking at this, PLAY IT
you will not regret it
This will be my first vn that I have ever played, thank you igg.
Replying to Fuchisa
If you happened to be able to play the games as well as loved such anime genres like 'AIR' and 'Clannad' [especially its 'After-Story' mode], then go ahead and play this - 3-8 hours later and you'll get completely drowned by a pool your own tears! Otherwise, stay clear...
I, for one, couldn't handle the emotional stress the game had to offer, thus I had to temporarily 'stop' the mid-playthrough - I simply can't stop my tears bleeding out my eyes for 2 days, straight after playing it right after It was released [I think] around 2004...
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Just Sayori
Those Key product are well played on shaking players emotion, for example like you've said AIR and CLANNAD A.S, KudWafter (even its ero-contained), and yes i love how they write the story, the song, the music, that worth for people to buy the original games for higher price on Steam, or directly buy the physical disc
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Can you recommend me some visual novels?
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Well, depends on what your 'taste' really is - in fact, I seldom recommend any VN games due to this...
Though, if you want to read something as 'sad' as this, most of 'Key'-produced VNs (such as this) are for you. 'Leaf' VNs are commonly known for their 'heavy-romance' (such as 'Tears to Tiara'), or you may want a slice 'heavy romance/dark past' twist (like 'Private Nurse'), anything from 'Angel Smile'...
The only one 'producer' I know personally is 'Mille Feuille' - mainly because I was once worked as 'outside-help' there, briefly helping on their flagship 'Mahou Shoujo Sae'-series...
Aside from all these, I can't really recommend anything reasonably...
funni ducke
the only alive link is Go4Up >> Usercloud.
The rest is dead
Got here thanks to the anime. The anime is so beautiful with feels. Planning to play this after the anime ends.