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made the account just to say this
=================HOW TO UPDATE TO 3.6=================

Made the account just to help the rest of u guys.
If your STELLARIS IS NOT UPDATED TO 3.6 you missed a file on this page!
The file is NOT next to the usual "part1/2/3/4" files , scrolled higher up and as long as you PAY ATTENTION , above the system requirements you will see a tiny section called "Update 3.6". Download it and simply install it, read the instructions in it.

This is probably the case for a lot of the games on this site , i myself am gonna start double checking the whole page now. I had no idea about this until i couldnt find a clear answer in the chat so i started analysis the page.
YOURE WELCOME wasted 10 mins typing this for you , i NEVER comment on the internet, this is my first on any site including youtube and reddit. Go play your up to date pirated games you scrub :P
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The updater stays at 0% and makes a patch_log.txt file that says "Game patch log
Update from version 3.5.3. to

Error modifying (insert every file in the game)"
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i love you dude thanks
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Im gonna make an account just to comment here...
If ur first downloading this
AFTER u extract everything MAKE SURE to look for the FOLDER DLC and install them one by one theres around 19dlc
AFTER THAT go update your game if u update ur game u wont be able to INSTALL the dlc
then Ta-Dah you have all dlc with the lastest update

Download them and put the folder here
Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod
And Copy paste the .MOD file from there change the name and put it on Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod So there will be the main folder of the mod and the .mod file

Open "launch stellaris.exe" Check if your mods are now enabled just make sure those mods are updated 3.6
i had to spent hours to fix this but if the mod is telling an error like "This archive path in the mod's descriptor file is invalid or does not exist."

Go to your mod folder and look for the one with this problem and OPEN AS "note bloc or whatever just to read the file" the .mod file u need to add or edit this. path="mod/(name of the mod folder)"
Example: i have planet.mod(planet is the same name of the mod folder) i open as on a note bloc to add this
path="mod/planet" save it and check on the stellaris launcher and it should be fixed
enjoy ur game sorry my english is not my first language
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How can I install the dlc? It dont give me an ordner with dlc, only where the game is but cant install something there
The Orion 3.6 update just dropped.
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err i just downloaded and it still 5.3 on the file
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wait so i must re download all packs?
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By adding this game, with so many DLCs, you contributed greatly to the fact that I lost my job and to the breakup of my marriage. I hope you are pleased with yourself. This is EPIC
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PLEASE kill yourself 🙏
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paul tzen
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you make no sense
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paul tzen
this version also not work.
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I have downloaded the update but when i try to install it, it is stuck on updating loading, why
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i have same problem did you already know how to solving it ?
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paul tzen
stellaris game seems became stupid.
AK kilian
Before we start, sorry for any spelling mistakes.
Stellaris still just as hard the last time it was a real purge to succeed in installing it properly here it's even worse so in the order of what is causing the problem there are no DLCs there are no there is no way to use it as an update of the previous one it makes the previous one which contained the DLC disappear Since there was the Gog launcher on the previous one and that there is more and well we can no longer put a mode no here all the issues so please i know you are doing your best to give us the best possible experience there are games that are being updated and added every day and i am probably talking bullshit but i think it's done by volunteers And in general when there are manipulations to be done after the download it's something that is extremely easy so I thank you very much but here for once it must be rare but on stellaris it doesn't didn't work The tutorials for installing or updating don't change anything since only the tutorial for installing can be used so unless you need a manipulation specifically specifically for this game, what is possible and well that does not work I tried to install it in several parts I tried via torrent I searched in the files to see if I had to do something to install the DLCs once installed it does not work I tried to regroup it with the old stellarist that I hadn't deleted it doesn't work I tried to follow the classic installation tutorial it doesn't work the update tutorial it doesn't work

  • download the parts and extract them
  • run the "setup_stellaris_3.7.3_(63182).exe" file and install the base game
  • open the DLC folder and install each of the dlcs one by one
  • run the game (from the desktop shortcut or start menu shortcut or dowser.exe)
  • skip the account login and let the launcher update
  • after launcher is done restart launcher
  • click play after checking your dlcs are enable and game settings are good
  • start new game
    (make sure to select the same install location for the base game and dlcs)
    (there is a Bonus folder with other files like wallpapers etc but those aren't needed for the game)
This guide was for version 3.7.3 it might be different for future releases.
Valve has shutdown steamworkshopdownloader.io

RIP Modding
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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Blame it on the modders who choose not to upload them anywhere but Steam
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They made things more complicated than it needs to be.
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never had luck downloading mods from there, just go to https://hearts-of-iron-4.smods.ru/
Game has been updated to 3.4.3, please add update.
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update is on it's way
This is not were you ask.
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Oh right
in case anyone wants to know, yes overlord is included
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So let me make a conclusion of all those comments if you want to play this cracked Stellaris with DLCs and (optionally) MODs:

  1. Unzip and install it.
  2. After installation, copy all files under CODEX and paste them into the installation folder (where Stellaris.exe and dowser.exe locates).
  3. (Optional) Edit steam_emu.ini (copied from CODEX). Set DLCUnlockall=1 if you want all DLCs enabled. Set Language=your_language if you want to change the language in game.
  4. Use dowser.exe (the launcher) to configure DLCs and MODs, but don't use it to launch the game. Instead, directly open Stellaris.exe to start gaming. (This is different from the legal Steam version.)
To install new mods, download them from steamworkshopdownloader.io and unzip them (one folder/directory for one mod), then register your new mods:

  • For each mod you've unzipped: copy descriptor.mod to C:\Users<YourUsername>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod; rename the copied .mod file to whatever you like (but keep the .mod postfix); add one line to the copied .mod file:
    • path="<path to the place where you unzipped this mod, replace all \ to />"
    • Don't forget the quotes, and don't include "<" or ">" in your real .mod file.
  • Some MOD authors may leave their own "path" lines in their .mod file; delete these lines and keep there is only one "path" line (which is added by you, not the author) in one .mod file.
After handling all these .mod files, open dowser.exe to change mod settings (activating, sorting, etc). Then open Stellaris.exe to start your game with your newly downloaded MODs.
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Snow Blood Wolf
Still works with 3.2.2 for dlc and language, thanks for the tuto :)
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