Just for info game is early access version 0.1.2
Jordy De Bruijn
like starbound?
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Malekit GJ
oh gess... another clone?
For some reason im not able to get it to launch. Anyone else having this problem?
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☕️ Stephanie Bogard 🇮🇹
It works here, so maybe you lack some dependencies or something.
But did you try to start the game with "LAUNCHER_x64.exe", which is in the "Windows64" folder?
☕️ Stephanie Bogard 🇮🇹
    Yeah, it does play a lot like Terraria.
    But like I was telling a friend on this website some days ago, it plays much more like the big mod "Super Terraria World", which adds quests and rpg features to Terraria.
    So you'll raise skills and level up, and more importantly, accomplish quests!
    A guy was saying recently it's like Skyrim meets Terraria... lol
    Not sure about this yet, and Skyrim isn't exactly the best game of its category, but it could work out very well.
    You can choose different races, but... it seems it's only a "cosmetic" change and doesn't alter the gameplay in any way. Maybe in future updates?
    I didn't play that long so I'm not sure yet how extensive the crafting is, and if we eventually can build houses as "complex" as in Terraria, but anyway, so far I find it captivating.
    Definitely, if you're used to games like Terraria, at least you'll appreciate that you feel "at home" very fast.
    I got used to the interface in a few seconds, really.
    Not saying it's a ripoff though, not at all, it has its own style and is actually more complex.
    But you find everything easily and I didn't have to look for help online to accomplish anything.
    That says a lot about how well a nice and functional UI is designed.👍
  • COMBAT and A.I. -
    One of the few things I don't like about the UI is that you have to push "R" to get in combat mode.
    I prefer Terraria system about this, cos you only have to scroll up/down to cycle through tools/weapons. So easy, fast, and convenient!
    Switching between two different modes feels a bit unnatural, for lack of better words. lol
    It's obvious that Realms of Magic combat system is more complex than Terraria's though, so maybe that's unavoidable.
    I actually just unlocked the power attack, and can't wait to try it.
    First enemies are already giving me a hard time and take some time to get killed, so don't hesitate to boost your attack, with better weapons or skills!
    A.I. is quite dumb, at least that was my experience, but it's ok, cos frankly, if enemies were hard to kill AND clever too, the game would be too brutal. lol
    It's kinda easy to corner an enemy or place yourself so that he can't hit you anymore, and then you can finish him off.
    Exploit this as much as possible, especially underground. he he
    I HATE the animation though... God, it's like these old Flash games...
    The animator(is it a single developer, actually?) chose to just move limbs instead of drawing an entire animation...
    Big time-saving, and I sure can understand this design choice if the developer is alone, but the effect looks horribly amateurish compared to nicely animated 2D games.(pixel art like "The Mummy demastered", or "cartoon-like" like the latest "Shantae: Half-Genie Hero")
    Enemies are as badly animated as the main character.
    In animation, we might call it a bone animation tool, but funnily enough, the results often remind me of the "No bones dance", by Nathan Barnatt.
    Pixel art is lovable though, cos it totally looks like it could have been made in the early 90s.
    Terraria looks like an early 90s console game(Super Nintendo), but Realms of Magic looks like an early 90s PC game, in my opinion. Cos colors are a bit "colder" and a tiny bit more "realistic" than Terraria...
    Kinda reminds me of old Amiga games as well.
    Like Darkmere:
    It's isometric, but the color palette makes me think of Realms of Magic a bit
    It looks cool anyway.
    I didn't like how Stamina depletes way too fast.
    As a result, sometimes I tried to do big jumps over cliffs, but since you often have to run to do big jumps, my Stamina bar emptied so fast that when I pushed the jump button, it didn't do anything so I just fell down a hole... lol
    Took me a whole minute to understand that it was because of the Stamina. XD
    Because of this, the first skill point I decided to spend was for jumping. lol
    Something tells me it'll be balanced in future updates.
    In the first part, I really enjoyed looking for hidden treasures in dark places,
    and lighting torches to reveal secrets, etc.
    If the whole game is like this, it's going to be very addictive.
    In terms of game design, everything I saw so far was quite nice.
    Terraria or Starbound feel very "random", obviously...
    Again, I might be wrong cos it's very early, but it seems that everything I saw in this game so far was NOT random.
    Items, areas, everything seemed to be placed and arranged meticulously for a reason. Am I wrong?
    So is it like a more "traditional" RPG, with limited procedurally generated content?
    I would appreciate this immensely, it would be a very welcomed change.😃👍
    Maybe I'll write more about this little gem later, but, on the other hand,
    I think I should wait instead of spoiling it. lol
    This is a VERY early version, so I'd like to wait a bit longer before playing it seriously!😋
    Btw, new update is already out.
    As of 15/12/2017, latest version is 0.1.3.🐹
Replying to ☕️ Stephanie Bogard 🇮🇹
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Ancintec Forest
thank you for explain to us.
Chaos Void
Maybe it's better to say "A STARBOUND CLONE?" instead of a Terraria clone.
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☕️ Stephanie Bogard 🇮🇹
You're right, Starbound does have quests, for example.
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Mnc Marcos
And if you want a more specific stuff, its like terraria otherworld, because terraria overworld its the answer of relogic to starbound, and starbound its a clone of terraria somehow, so yeah, this is like a finished version of what terraria otherworld should become
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☕️ Stephanie Bogard 🇮🇹
Gee I've been waiting for this one for soooo long.
Terraria has always been in my top 5 favorite indie games, so... lol
But I was reading not long ago that apparently the developers were not happy about the art direction they took, and that they intended to change a lot, so I guess it's far from being finished...😥
Well, it's true that Otherworld looks a bit too dark... Maybe they want to create a more positive feeling like the first game?
Also, this Otherworld game is not Terraria 2, from what I understand.
Terraria 2 is in the works, but nothing has been shown yet.😭
But yeah you're right, I'm reading that Otherworld will have some nice new features, and especially =>

  • A more robust quest system
  • A leveling system for weapons, including upgrade slots
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Mnc Marcos
Lol, they are not going to change it, it just changes to other developers, by the way, this developers are making terraria for the consoles, like x360, ps3, xone and ps4
I really liked your overview, thank you.
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Pirate reviews are best reviews.
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Goddess Miku
Best game reviewer Lily at #1 spot better than a gave dev :D ^.^
Near Yu
Thanks IGG.
bluemediafile cannot open (link cannot open)
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please fix all donwload link cannot open
☕️ Stephanie Bogard 🇮🇹
Does it do this with all links?
I download most of the time with google drive and it works perfectly.
I just opened it and I see the link works well.
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Seto Kousuke
please help i can't open the game
Jayant Joshi (PGDM AS 16-18)
I cannot open this game, it just dont open? Please help..exe file just dont work.
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Erika Rios
It says that the openCL file doesn't exist.
Any way to fix it?
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Update Graphic card driver.
It worked for me.
Anrī Šefanovskis
i dont get it is it terraria/starbound with better effects or what?
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☕️ Stephanie Bogard 🇮🇹
Read my long comment below.
If I had to sum it up in just one sentence, I could say it's like Starbound with more RPG features. (I said Terraria but like a guy was telling me, it's more like Starbound)
Not better graphics, at least from what I saw so far.
But you don't care about graphics when you play such games, and I like its pixel art.🙂
Also, it's a matter of taste, and I might prefer the more the "traditional" setting than the futuristic and alien ones in Starbound.
Anrī Šefanovskis
but ill try it out thanks :)

Cannot support 32bit / 86x ?!
Yohanes Bimantara
I can't plant any seeds? anyone?
☕️ Stephanie Bogard 🇮🇹
Ha ha yeah let me write the long reviews and spend your time playing it instead!😋
Any chance for version 0.1.3?
Malekit GJ
yeah... i'm not buying that.
its just the same engine, only that the base game has been improved (?)... so yeah, u can't call it a "genre"
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