Kevin / Co-Founder @ Dirty Freehub
Brent - thanks for the comment and the feedback! I have updated the description to reflect your thoughts. Always appreciate the comments on the site.

Here's a bit more from Brent:
"Hi Kevin, (1) The washboarded road did have good lines on the very edges and was manageable, but it's pretty soft on the side and you need to be alert. It's difficult when you're tired and finishing up the route. The gravel roads you encounter during the first 48 miles are in fantastic shape. (2) I can send you some pictures, or you can use what I posted here, but I didn't take any pictures of the more difficult sections. There is a picture of Kinsey hiking down one of the ravine crossings (the old rail route had about 6 timber bridges that crossed some medium ravines, however the bridges are now gone, so you do lots of scrambling). (3) As for tire size, 38-40mm would be the minimum recommendation, and larger would help during a few sections of single track segment, but I wouldn't change my tires just to do this ride. The last 2 miles of the hike a bike section had more hiking involved and a couple more substantial ravine crossings. You cross several barbed wire fences (in place to keep you away from some dangerous rock fall sections of the old rail bed) and at some points you question if it's even an actual trail...but it is and you just press on. All in all it was a pretty route and the views on the first half are fantastic. The lower deschutes section has pretty canyon views and it's fun to ride along the old rail bed, but it the difficult single track and hiking segments turned would we thought would take about 5-6hrs into 8hrs. I could see this route taking over 10hrs of riding/hiking for a more novice rider."
Brent Mattison
You guys do a great job with this website and it’s my go-to for fun new routes. Although this route it’s very scenic, this loop is downright dangerous. I’m a very experienced cyclist (top 5 at the High Cascade 100 MTB race), and this is a loop I would never encourage anyone to try. The hike a’ bike section from 68 to 71 is not fun and dangerous. Much of the section along the River is very slow going and not in a fun way. We had a water filter and this saved us because you will run out of water (we had camelbacks and bottles). Anyone with less experience and underprepared would find themselves in a desperate situation. Pretty views though.