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Peter Oliva
I have been taking "shots" ( that's shot glasses ) of Polyphenol rich Olive Oil (Dr. Gundry's ). His prices are unreasonable to put it mildly, & I have heard varying speculation about this product of which I won't get in to right now. What I would like to know is if you can direct me to an Olive Oil that compares or exceeds Dr. Gundry's product and claims of Polyphenol rich Olive Oil?
I have been searching for those answers & have not found a straight answer. I finally came upon your site which, Is all about Olive Oil, so, I have to guess you all know where this elusive less expensive delicious & healthy organic Polyphenol rich Olive Oils is?
for the record, my last name is "Oliva", I'm an Italian raised by Italians, and was raised on Olive oil, having been a lover of it my whole life, & born named after it!
Please...help me to gain the information I am seeking.
Thank You. - Peter Oliva.