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The aim of the European designations of origin PGI and PDO is to guarantee credibility, added value and quality to the consumer. For this effort and added value, the customer is willing to pay more.

The demands of SEVITEL are illogical and weaken these goals, since with the bottling at any location, in addition to the “diluted value chain”, the quality is no longer sufficiently guaranteed.

Olive oil clearly loses quality due to unsuitable storage, pump over, transport, oxigen and careless bottling. For this reason alone, all relevant production steps must be strictly, closely and transparently controlled by the respective PGI/PDO certification body in the interests of the consumer to ensure the specific, unique properties of the product!

This negative attitude of SEVITEL towards quality only unnecessarily damages the high reputation of Greek olive oil.
Φίλιππος, Παραγωγός ελιάς, Χανιά
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