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Mohammed Mushtaq
Trees are vital for life on this planet. We need trees for food and oxygen. Trees will improve quality of life and absorb carbon dioxide and control global warming. Thank you for planting this beautiful 🌲🌲🌲 tree.
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Naeem Jan Amin
Olive oil is needed for consumption by patients of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease (NAFLD) in place of all other oils like Canola, sunflower oil etc. It is therefore essential that cheap virgin Olive oil be produced locally, as a significant proportion of over 50 population is likely to suffer from it. The govt and NARC are requested to establish its own in NARC and encourage local industrialists to establish pilot plants all over Pakistan, especially near plantation areas to crush olives for their oil in addition to packaging and pickling in brine olives for consumption.
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Ch Gulzar Muhammad.
Our Mission Should Be, To Provide Olive Oil to Every Citizen Of Pakistan At The Cost Of Other Edible Oils. To Achieve This Mission is not difficult. Just encourage local people for Nursary production with out any favour. I present myself for this mission. Just provide me guidance and nursary requirements. My contact Ch Gulzar. 0306-8837234, 0333-6178983.