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Raphael Bondi
I believe the SHD growing style is the biggest competitor to traditional olive farming. It has made the availability of quality non-defective olive oil affordable and available to the masses, and commands a higher price than standard supermarket oil. It is also profitable, one of the hardest tasks in EVOO production, so we can expect it to keep growing at a rapid pace. Hand crafted artisan production will have a hard time standing out when introducing true Extra Virgin to ones who have experienced SHD oil before, forcing them to still struggle with competitive pricing. Time will tell.
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Your paper might do better if you stop fly pimping the climate change carbon tax scam. But I suppose if olive growers will be a beneficiary then I understand. You want to know the biggest problem with pricing? Education of the consumer. 99% of the world see's olive oil as an expensive fry oil. If you can get the word out of it's benefits I think you would be amazed. The word " Oil " is a marketing problem. People don't understand that it is a fruit juice, and that the good quality product is drinkable.
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