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Tuscan Commoner
It would be great if the Frescobaldi family could share their knowledge, wisdom, and market reach with the other producers of the Laudemio consortium. It would be great if all Laudemio producers could achieve better productivity and improved quality standards, and to see more of them thrive and reach the US market. Many people may indeed not be aware there are twenty-one estates in the Laudemio consortium. Still, I extend my congratulations to the Frescobaldi estate for having such excellent results in a generally challenging year in Tuscany, even though it may appear indelicate to share so much joy when most people nearby are hurting. As regards the Entimio brand in the USA market, here is my 5-pennies advice. I would encourage the Frescobaldi family to exercise better control of the Laudemio brand and its distribution on the various online marketplaces and independent retailers' websites. Having many uncoordinated sellers bid down the Laudemio olive oil price on Amazon.com, for example, with inconsistent supply chain and customer service quality standards, it seems, generates negative reviews and poor product ratings. Such avoidable situations hurt the high-quality reputation deserved by the Laudemio brand and may even damage the image of other high-quality Tuscan olive oil producer by extension. The industry needs leadership and a coordinated effort to raise the quality standards at the "consumption point." Offering a great product ex-producer is not enough anymore.