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Spain is the only country that has taken an active role in preventing this mass murder of migrating birds. Olive oil from the rest of Europe including Portugal, France and Italy should be boycotted until they take the appropriate action to stop the killing. Julie Redman
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Very interesting, the study was conducted by a Portuguese group so then in the article we can see things like this....

"The group estimates that in Andalusia, 2.6 million birds are killed each year during the harvest, while in Portugal an additional 96,000 birds die."

How is it that the Portuguese team has reached the conclusion that 2.6 million birds have died in Spain vs only 96k in Portugal?. What kind of measurement was applied to reach that conclusion?.

Also how convenient there is no data for France and Italy.

"In France and Italy, similar practices are used, but statistics on bird deaths during the harvest season are not kept."

I think this article has the purpose to discredit olive oil Spanish business to drive companies to buy from other countries.

There is no solid proof that 2.6 million birds were killed each year in Spain due to that harvest technique if that's even true.
It seems the numbers are way too massive, specially how conveniently they apply damage control for portugal with only 96k deaths. Also they fail to explain the method applied to reach that conclusion.

Everytime is about Spain we must be portrayed as mass killers. While their wrong doings are hidden. Nothing has changed.
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Hi, Peter. If you read other articles, they clearly state that only Andalusia, Spain has so far committed to stopping the practice. It has already been legislated there. That clearly is not propaganda against Spain but rather the opposite. It's a call for change from other countries like Portugal, Britain, Italy, and France to more ethical agricultural practices.
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Carlo Costa
I would like to see video footage of 1 bird being sucked out of a tree by a superintensive harvester. These alarmists have never seen a superintensive machine working up close.
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Problem is that many bird species are not nocturnal, so they need to rest somewhere at some point. That is during night. If farmers harvest their trees during night, then some birds will be sucked or at least disturbed at the very least. There is hardly any real justification for this practice, besides the nice marketing supporting the idea. Cheers!
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It seems they have managed to make up that massive number 2.6 million! out of nowhere.

Spain has very poor defenses against well orchestrated plots.