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AOC de Provence Olive Oil
This is the risk in selling to only one customer. When that customer doesn't buy for whatever reason, you are stuck. I would suggest to my American fellow growers you do like what is done all over Europe, you form a growers co-operative. We have growers cooperatives for every agricultural product I can think of over here in France, dairy-olive oil-wine etc. etc. There is power and strength in numbers when you ban together. We are an independent business and put a lot of blood sweat and tears growing our business and our brand, however many many other farmers take an alternate route and join together in a growers cooperative. Look at the California Almond Growers farmers co-op Blue Diamond Almonds, by joining together and taking their destiny in their own hands they are now the biggest almond exporters in the world. You have to control your own destiny, it probably doesn't cost all that much to create a table olive production facility, start with used equipment and build up from there.