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Javier Fernandez-Salvador
We have a research project to look at cold hardiness and climate issues in our state with Oregon State University and to expand our growing industry. It would be great if we can participate in your survey and updates too. Thank you!
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AOC de Provence Olive Oil
I actually think that certain varietals/cultivar of olives that are more susceptible to low production based on climate change. Rather than all olive varietals are having a rough time because of the affects of climate change it is more likely certain varietals are producing lower yields. I can't get the production out of our Salonenque olive trees like I used to. They simply do not produce as many olives in the last 5 to 6 years as the prior 10 years. However my other cultivars, Aglandua, Bouteillan and Grossane are doing fine. Actually the yields from the Grossane have increased in proportion to the decrease of the Salonenque cultivar, to bad I have far fewer Grossane trees than Salonenque trees :-(. I think the question should be drilled down further.
I do not see a generalized decline, I see a decline in one specific cultivar. the Salonenque. You might want to survey the growers and ask if they see the same thing. Certain cultivars struggling but others are doing just fine.