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Well, I think its time to discuss for the root causes of the high presence of the olive flies and for real measures that will be soon mandatory to take. ANd the root causes is not the lack of spraying with insecticides, or the rain-drought cycles (Which we have no control over). The causes are more related with the monoculture culture, the killing-extermination of the natural predators of the fly, that goes together with the extensive spraying and the hesitance of everyone involved in the olive oil production chain to incorporate a different approach and different measures. The solution will be to move towards what not only Organic agriculture and even Agro 2.0 prescribe, but to look even ahead to the principles that are included in the Regenerative agriculture methods. It is almost delusional to believe that in thousands of hectares grown only with olive trees, the olive fly, as species that actually uses only the olive fruit for its life-cycle, can be eradicated. We (the producers) have created the conditions which we are now complaining about. Depleting the soil, creating weak trees and very sensitive agro-eco-systems are the causes behind the threats to productivity. The use of fly-traps with products such as entomela, have been succesful, but they can not solve the issue by themselves. A more holistic approach needs to be taken, as we are dealing with SYSTEMS and not just OLIVE TREES. If we continue in the same path, in a very short time from now, olive production can be severely jeopardized and olive oil will need to face a decrease in quality and an increase in the production costs will be evident. Greece can play a leading role in the new movement towards a truly sustainable and regenerative agriculture.