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John Doe
I’m someone this magazine might call an industry insider and will not be providing my name on this comment, however I believe Mr. Tosato has the right approach, balanced with the necessary realities of running the biggest olive oil company. I believe he will improve the industry and I wish him success.
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About Creativity
Very good, and look how well the water business is doing......
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Domo Arigato, Mr. Tosato
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Duncan Ridgley
Where you see mentioned above "We have been facing attacks and a lot of fake news on the internet" you can see what he is talking about in detail here https://deoleo.info/the-14-fake-olive-oil-stories-about-bertolli/
Santiago Cruz
I think Mr Tosato, you have good intentions but not much experience on this business under my opinion.
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He’s right about some of the big problems but there are no proposals in how to fix them. Retailers will not stop offering store-branded oils and there will always be producers willing to supply them. Until consumers see value in olive oil, these same patterns will go on and Mr. Tosato had no new ideas for that.