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This is happening now.....There are big Table Olive companies firing employers since the U.S cut off the sells of Black Olives from Spain W/O understanding nothing. And What happend with Portugal, Italy, Greece or all the Arab countries, American friends who has no duties and their production cost is 5 times lower than ours. How can we compete ? . This is a real attack against the Economy from south Spain, one of the poorest in the country. What are this families going to do now? . The President just does not care and more sad, the U.E is doing nothing to solve the problem
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Oh ouch! That is going to sure hurt the Spanish Table Olive Producers.
I went and looked up who complained to the Commerce Department and it is 2 American companies, one grows olives in California and one imports olives out of Italy. The way I read the first sentence from the fact sheet is the only way for the Spanish producers to get around the tariff is to ship fresh olives to another country for curing. I would not be surprised if Big Spanish table olive manufacturers didn't open up plants in nearby Portugal and just truck their fresh olives to Portugal for curing and bottling. A 27% increase is a hellva product price increase, the olive manufacturers are not going to give up that price point easily. The net loss though is to Spanish jobs.

This is from the Commerce Department fact sheet, note* "processes table olives" are known as ripe olives in the commerce dept fact sheet quote below.

Included are all ripe olives grown, processed in whole or in part, or packaged in Spain. Subject merchandise includes ripe olives that have been further processed in Spain or a third country, including but not limited to curing, fermenting, rinsing, oxidizing, pitting, slicing, chopping, segmenting, wedging, stuffing, packaging, or heat treating, or any other processing that would not otherwise remove the merchandise from the scope of the investigations if performed in Spain.
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Santiago Cruz
You are 100% right