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Well, sorry for the double post. In other countries...E.G. US, and Costa Rica, It is very difficult to find monocultivar organic. So people like me and quite a number of my friends who love Picual , have no other options. I buy quite a lot of organic though. Maybe people are just used to a familiar taste.Does Carbonell do requests?
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Yuri Halberstadt
Interesting article. However, many Spaniards may be very right in their instinct not to buy into the tales of organic agriculture.

For instance, if all agricultural activity on earth were organic, we would need 30% more land area for the same amount of produce. That would be an environmental disaster already today, let alone 20 years into the future.

Another thing, no proof for any health benefits of organic over non-organic foods are to be found, virtually anywhere. A century ago all food was organic by today's standards, but we died at 60 years of age, if lucky. Today our foods are supposedly covered in toxins, and we live to 95 (although personally i suspect proof will eventually be found that the increased amount of anti-oxidants in organic are better for us).

And even if there are significant health or environmental benefits overall, they can be small to negligable in some regions. The regions where olive cultivation is not an industrialized mass production activity (as admittedly it is in some of Spain's 'desertification' areas) often don't adhere to the conviction large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers are needed. The region from which i import some of Spains best olive oils is the DOP Siurana. The fields are too small and too steep for any kind of large scale industrial practices, so the olives are just shaken from the trees, which are quiñentenarios in most cases and often millenarios. The soil is kept clean by hand and a sulfur-in-water solution against funguses is the only 'chemical' most farmers apply, if any at all.

In short, this is in fact organic olive oil. The only difference is, the farmers don't bother with applying for a costly seal of approval from the inspecting authorities, simply because it is not a priority at all. They sell ALL of their oil, EVERY year, and they take great pride in making it the best oil they can. Because of their succes in this endeavour, going organic has gone down all the way to the bottom of their to-do-list.

So, there's quite a number of questionmarks around the story of organic vs. non organic, and organic often does not in fact hold all the benefits some believers attribute to it.

My two cents.

(Soy hispanohablante tambien, pero para quedar con la moda del sitio utilizamos la 'lingua franca')