Hypertension and high blood pressure are the same thing.
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Obrigada pela explicação clara .Perfeitamente elucidada.
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I didn't ever feel guilty frying with the pomace oil (doing some research not to buy a wrong brand though), as, yes, it is still healthier than the seed oils. For me, using "extra virgin" and especially "cold pressed" olive oil for high heat treatment (=cooking in a frying pan), is not only a waste of money - it's a waste of very healthy and delicious product. That ultimately leads to higher market prices, which both hurt the pocket and, more importantly, lead to more fakes and blends.

Regarding the fakes: being in Southeast Asia for 1,5+ years (with unclear perspectives of visiting back home anytime soon due to the pandemic), I'd rather buy a sealed bottle of pomace olive oil from a Spanish or Italian producer known (google helps here) to only produce olive products, than some locally-branded "extra virgin", which (surprise) may even come up cheaper per liter than my pomace oil - and even if not, then it's just even more lucrative for fake/blend/low-quality oil producers.

But for the salad, no questions asked, I'll rather splurge here on a bottle of Cobram Estate EVOO imported from Australia.
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Extra virgin olive oil is something different from olive oil. You're comparing pomace olive oil to extra virgin olive oil and not regular olive oil, which pomace hopes to substitute.
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Merci pour ces explications claires. Je me suis rendu dans un magasin de produits exotiques en France et comme j’avais besoin d’huile d’Olive ou j’ai acheté ce produit, réalisant ensuite qu’il s’agissait non d’huile d’Olive extra vierge, mais d’huile de grignons.
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