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AOC de Provence Olive Oil
We do keep up the tradition and produce a small amount of Fruité Noir. We do it because we have a certain percentage of customers who crave, literally crave that unique taste of the Fruité Noir. I like it too, not every day but it has it's place in our recopies. There are basically 2 ways to do it. #1 take cases of olives, ours are picked later early to mid harvest (not late) and you know the cases have a basket weave to let the air in, take cases of olives and wrap them in pallet wrap. The olive once detached from the tree starts to naturally ferment and the fermentation causes heat, being wrapped in pallet wrap the heat is maintained inside the case which generates more fermentation. After about 5/6 days press as normal.

The other way is to take cases of late early to mid ripe and put them in a room and turn up the heat. Basically you heat up the room to encourage a rapid fermentation. Press as normal.
Fruité Noir has a really nutty taste to it, not moldy but instead earthy.