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AOC de Provence Olive Oil
This is a complete INSULT! As a professional olive farmer in Provence I am appalled at the arrogance of Olivier Nalslas who actually owns maybe what, 100 olive trees and he himself is NOT a professional olive farmer.
Name the 30 members of this exclusive "Club"
I make my living olive farming, you have the ying and the yang, some years more oil some years less oil, just like every country in the world that produces olives.

It's no secret how to get HIGH yields out of the olives, heat the paste up during the agitation/Malox stage. Put chemicals into the agitator/maloxer to force the oil to separate. Do those things and heck yeah you are going to get yield, way better yield than I am getting running my moulin authentically COLD PRESS. I will never pursue YIELD using these well known and outside of France, WIDELY practiced methods.

I had GREAT Yields this year, best I ever had in 14 years, it was unbelievable the oil was just pouring out of the centrifuge, then it rained and the yield plummeted. Still a good yield after the rain, I'm happy with the yield but boy there is no amount of Spanish Olive Farming Experts that are going to cure a rain during harvest.