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Stig EK
Montefollia from Olio Roi and Nadir Brewery
Born from the collaboration between Olio Roi and the Nadir Brewery in Sanremo, Montefollia is the first beer in the world with olive leaves. Fresh, hoppy and with the addition of olive leaves, antioxidant and pleasant.
6.2% alcohol on the label, very light on the palate. Golden color, cloudy, but light. Perfect for all seasons, to drink alone or to accompany lunches and dinners.
Also have en excellent gin:
Taggiasco ExtravirGin
What happens if a cafes’ owner, a teacher expert in botany and an EVO oil producer meet? THE TAGGIASCO IS BORN! Italian distilled gin with the smell of juniper and Taggiasca olive. Starting from a classic London Dry basis, we arrive to the final recipe that adds to it our Taggiasca olives from Badalucco, in the Argentina Valley, Imperia. We distill this gin at low temperatures (about 60°C) to prevent changes in taste. To arrive to the final recipe it took more than one year, with the advice of experts, bartenders and passionates.
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