It is just plain wrong to call the police on someone preaching the full Gospel. Just because you differ with the style and approach doesnt mean side with world and shut them up. You can love people into hell...
I do agree that many street prechers are a turn off. I watch them all the time on YouTube. Some are good and the rest are just awful and make it worst. I'm never against what they say, but how. I think it's a balance. I'm not saying you have to smile or cry to people, but many street preachers just seem mad and upset. I don't understand it because God told us that people will hate the truth and that many won't come to Jesus Christ. It's our job to share our faith, but it's not our job to save people. It seems to me to some street prechers can make an idol out a street preaching, which is weird to say. Some street preachers are simply obessed with the act of street preaching and forgetting God.
Again. I'm not saying you have to tell people what they want to hear. But it's the tone and the tact of which you speak and so many get it wrong. I understand that God hates sin and God is angry at sin, but let God have to rightous anger, you don't have to be angry or sound angry. We are talking to the unsaved. Why are so many street preachers so surprised that the unsaved act, well, unsaved? I know dealing with the unsaved can make us sad, but we really shouldn't be angry that they cuss at you and hail satan because you should know that. Many will reject the Word of God. You can stern, but don't be angry. Getting mad that people are going to hell is not your place. You're a street preach not the savior. Relax and think about how you come off to people. Yes, street preachers it's not all about you. You are representing God. I know they are going to hate us weather we preach it calm or angry but get some self control and let go of the pride. the harder and more angry you look won't get any more people to get it. Most won't.
And those signs are terrible. Jesus never had signs. I think they cheapen the Word of God.
For the pass few years I can count on two hands the wonderful street preacher I have seen online. It is truly a gift. And I agree. The bad ones make the good ones look nuts. It's the same message, but the come off is so much better. Accusing random people of being druggies and drunkers is not fair. Telling people that because they go to the beach or a sport game that they are unsaved, idolators is not fair. Yelling at people with tattoos and putting them on blast is not fair. They are falsely asscuing people and that is sin. When Jesus accused a particular person or group for their sin. It's because He knew for a fact that was their sin. Street Preacher accused a women just hanging out as being whores. And frat looking guys of going somewhere to get drunk. Men in suits are yelled at for being lovers of money and on and on. They have no idea who is saved or not. Their mindset is, if you are not preaching like me then you are not serving God. You should do it how I do it.
There are street preachers that don't even engage with people who just want to ask questions. They say things like " Get away from me sinner" or " Go back to your sin and leave me alone" or " You're wicked,take that makeup of your face, you look like a whore you ungodly women." There is a street preacher on YouTube that was on a beach calling people drunkers and drug users. Some of the people who where from that area comment on the video and said that the beach is a dry beach. You can't drink on the beach and they know that the street preacher knows that because he is always there. But, for the sake of making himself look good, he wanted to asscues everyone of being drunk. People would have drinks in thier hands and it would be ice tea or soda and the preacher is yelling at these dudes for drinking alochol all day.
Many who preach will be hated yes, but you don't have to go out of your way to be hated. The Gospel of Jesus Christ alone is enough to make people angry, you don't have to try to hard. You don't have to be angry. You can say it with a smile and get beat up. I think most street preacher are self righteous. And many believe that they do not sin at all. When you hear them talk, many truly believe that they are like Jesus. I don't even think that Paul and Peter claimed that.
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Christopher Hansen
I must start with a question. Have you ever street preached sir?
I've been street preaching now 15 months. Most weeks 3 times a week.
The first 12 months I preached a message of reasoning about God's love, defining sin, the need for forgiveness, the nature of relationship with God, the cost He paid to forgive sin, ect., ect..
The last several months I was shown by God that I should preach a much more aggressive message. Calling out sin explicitly and describing the judgement it's due. As I do this I mention time and again God's willing to forgive and how forgiveness comes about.
And in all my experience people who listen react the same way no matter what the message is. With hate, scorn, intolerance, denial, lies, and disbelief. They threaten my life. They curse God. The praise satan. It really doesn't seem to make a difference at all. They hate me for proclaiming God because they hate God I suspect.
The only difference is that calling out sins and warnings of the judgement due them attracts large crowds of people who do listen. It engages them personally as well.
It's easy to ignore God's love. But it's not easy to ignore His wrath.
Thus God sends us to warn those who won't listen to warn them so they have no excuse. Nehemiah 9:26, 2 Chronicles 24:19, Ezekiel 3, ect., ect..
People accuse me of being angry all the time. But this is simply not true sir. In fact I am very sad and troubled to see so many say they are good people in no need of forgiveness from God.
I am not angry sir. And no matter how much you or anyone else thinks I am, it doesn't make it true. No one defines my emotions for me.
But God is angry with sin every day the Bible says.
I hope to reach more people by preaching a message that engages their emotions, like a message of warning of judgment, because judgement is rarely seen, though it will be, than by preaching a message that can be so easily ignored like God's love because it is seen all around us everyday.