Thanks! One more thing: yoga teachings, as well as common sense, say that eating when upset can cause indigestion, and that the more one is eating or the more upset one is, the more the indigestion. Gruesome images in the mind, or anger, or anxiety because someone else is angry, would be different kinds of "upset."
The indigestion itself is not as important a consideration as those you have raised, but then being the kind of person who doesn't know or care that they may be causing everyone indigestion is an important consideration.
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The dinner table being only one of many venues where appropriateness, permission, context, and consent should be considered before bringing up this topic or forcing people to engage it.
One would not want to be the kind of host or "friend" that would inflict their personal agenda on a "guest" while dismissing or failing to consider the discomfort or pain they might be causing.