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I think it’s sort of a glass half-full/half-empty kind of thing. On the one hand, a lot of religious women are having abortions. But on the other hand, the polls show that women who have abortions are less likely to go to church than the average American. From Pew, 36% of Americans go to church at least once per week. So the percent attending church once a month or more would be higher than that (they don’t separate “once or twice a year” from “once a month or more but not every week”, which is sort of frustrating).
A story that comes to mind is that of Maddi Runkles, a straight A student at a Christian high school that became pregnant last year and was barred from attending the graduation ceremonies. The entire pro-life movement immediately rallied behind her and offered support when the story came out. It was a rare moment of unity between right-wing, left-wing, pro-Trump, anti-Trump, apolitical, religious, and secular pro-life groups. The level of support she got was encouraging, but the fact that it happened in the first place shows we still have a lot of work to do.