It's a good thought experiment as a response to that particular objection.
"Without the option of abortion, some women who unintentionally become
pregnant would choose adoption, but not all of them. In this world,
there are children who are raised by families that didn’t want them.
Some of them are neglected, unloved, or even abused. Suppose the foster
care system is flooded with so many of these children from abusive homes
that it becomes even more broken and burdened than it is in our world."
The thought experiment could also be expanded to include this observation: we do not need to assume that human beings' indifference to the suffering around them has no limit. Once we are all confronted with a flooded, broken, burdened situation, won't we say enough is enough, and take more responsibility, on the average, for each of those suffering children than we are willing to take when those children are (as at present) only a few? Won't we decide to divert more of the resources that we now devote to superbowls and circuses, to children instead, once we see the enormity of the problem?
Very well said! That's all it's about. Yes killing sometimes solves problems but some solutions are worse than the original problem!