I've heard interviews between Penn Jillette and Seth Andrews on The Thinking Atheist. He seems like a nice dude.
I had the chance to meet Penn Jillette at a recent atheist convention when Pro-Life Humanists tabled in Dallas. I traveled there with the express hope I'd have the chance to meet and interact with him and I got my wish! I ended up chatting with him and several others at an informal gathering in the hotel bar as we discussed the secular reasons for being pro-life. His position is that if brain death marks the end of life, then the beginning of brain activity should mark the beginning of when we respect that life - so early fetus. Penn mostly listened as I dialogued with the others (he was visibly tired after his evening's performance) but I'm hoping that the connection I made and the material he happily took will pave the way for further such opportunities at future events. I <3 Penn too!
P.S. I have one of his Penn Says videos where he discusses abortion. There's an earlier one that I think you're referring to where he goes into more detail over his ambiguity and uncertainty. I'm still trying to find that one now that it's been pulled from youtube. I'll let you know if I find it. And if you want the one I have I can try to get that to you. :)
I'm an atheist who believes abortion shouldn't be illegal but that it's wrong to have them except in extreme situations, so I have friends all over the proverbial map. The only time I hate people who disagree with me is when their views are based in and/or espoused with malevolence. Disagree with me all you want if you want to make life better and still respect other people, but if you claim to be doing those things and spout obscenities, call people who disagree names, and decry disagreers as ignorant or stupid, my hatred will swell.
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Well, ignorance is necessary for some opinions...