This is the best article I've read so far on this whole conversation. Thank you!
Thank you for a timely post on this topic. I will read it very shortly.
  1. What would you think if pro-lifers were to focus significant energy on getting this message across to the public: "If our society continues along its present course, soon your heart and those of everyone you know will become as hardened as the hearts of the abortionists [or abortion practitioners] you have just seen in the videos."
  2. I have been wondering for a long time regarding federal funding of Planned Parenthood, which is restricted from being used to finance abortions:
    Pro-lifers have been pointing out the meaninglessness of that restriction for a long time, saying that while the money doesn't go directly to finance abortions, by financing other services it frees up money for abortions. Why haven't pro-lifers also been saying that while federal money doesn't go directly to finance PP's contributions to Obama, Hillary, Wendy Davis, etc. (I assume that is restricted also), by financing other services it frees up money for those contributions -- ?
    [Edit: It seems that not only are Americans forced to pay taxes that ultimately finance abortions, they are forced to pay taxes that ultimately are used to elect officeholders who will ensure the continuation and expansion of financing abortions. Or am I missing something?]
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Robin Fitzgerald
First of all. My heart is quite literally HEAVY! I am concerned by the level of indifference these clinic operators show. It is stunning. Second of all I recall years ago that Life Dynamics Inc made public some invoices and order forms for procuring fetal remains. One would think that with the order forms and your videos in hand....Planned Parenthood could expect their defunding any moment. And third....when confronted with these videos, some people I have spoken with find the selling of fetal remains to be less bothersome than simply throwing them into the garbage. How do we begin to dialogue with that level of disconnect? Where do we find common ground? Thank you for this work. I started to think how tough it was to watch, then I considered how tough it must have been for your staff....THEN I remember the baby....and any discomfort you and may have experienced pales in comparison.