When I watched the full video, Dr. N was adamant that she and the affiliates were motivated by a desire to not waste the tissue but to know that it was going to contribute to what they see as vital medical research.
She specifically told them that trying to offer a lot of money was only going to turn the affiliates off. The strategies she suggested in order to get affiliates do donate were:
  1. Do presentations at meetings, going into more detail about the medical research.
  2. Have a meeting with medical directors to talk about the medical research and how their facilities can contribute to medical research.
    So yeah, it looks as if, at least on the affiliates level, Dr. N is convinced that goodness of their hearts is the motive, and that they just want to break even. They're concerned about the staff time and being reimbursed for that. And in Abby Johnson's open letter to Dr. N., she describes spending a lot of time in the lab removing, packing, and shipping tissues. Asking for reimbursement for that staff time is not profiteering.Dr. N. even explained how PP calculated the costs of training outside people and said that they used the same sort of calculations in deciding how much to charge per specimen.
    There is enough real evil in the video without having to invent more.
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Good post, Josh. I think almost all pro-lifers (myself included) suffer from what I call "Planned Parenthood Derangement Syndrome", the tendency to think virtually everything about Planned Parenthood is evil and believe every story about them doing something horrible. Don't get me wrong, I think all pro-lifers should be against Planned
Parenthood (see:
). And previous undercover investigations (ie the Mona Lisa Project and the sex-trafficking videos) have, in my opinion, found a clear pattern of abuse and corruption. But we should be against it for the right reasons and do all we can to avoid faulty pro-life arguments (like the "black genocide" meme, which borders on conspiracy theory territory). This means withholding judgement until all the facts are out and we've reviewed them in an objective manner.
As for this investigation, I'm not quite convinced either way. I'll wait until the rest of the videos are out before I make up my mind.
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I'm just concerned about the lies in the unedited video. The TITLE of the video is even a lie. Maybe other stuff they have actually shows what they claim -- using Partial Birth Abortions to deliver live babies to gut for organs. But I will view anything they put out with a VERY jaded eye and not comment until I watch the full, unedited videos.
Tim and I laughed at "Planned Parenthood Derangement Syndrome."